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Outpatient Rehab

Numerous treatment options exist for the addict. Regardless of which substance they are abusing or addicted to, a Louisiana treatment center can help. For some, the answer may be an outpatient rehab center. It offers the same results as residential facilities but with a different structure.

Understanding Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab programs are different from inpatient centers in one important way. They provide the same kinds of treatments and therapy, including detoxification and relapse prevention. However, the person doesn’t reside at the center as with inpatient programs.

The person will attend treatment for a set number of hours or a specific time period, and then they will go home. These programs can last for a few weeks or several months, depending on the program and the addiction.

Outpatient rehab provides individual and group counseling as well as family therapy. These programs prescribe medications to help with addiction or secondary diagnoses, such as mental health disorders. Other types of treatment seen in outpatient care include behavioral therapy, motivational incentives and motivational interviewing.

Who Should Consider Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient care isn’t for everyone. Someone with a severe addiction or a person who has a history of relapse would benefit from the structure of a residential center in Louisiana. However, many other addicts will find an outpatient program suits them best.

These programs are specifically designed for people with outside obligations, such as caring for children or other family members or those with jobs or classes. This program allows them to meet their other responsibilities while still getting the help they need.

For an outpatient program to be successful, the person needs a strong support system at home. They will need someone to keep them from relapsing when they are away from the center. Addicts also need a safe place away from triggers and temptations. For example, an alcoholic living in a home with someone who likes to drink would struggle with an outpatient program.


People with a mild addiction or those with addictions of certain substances such as prescription medications may also be good candidates. Heroin or meth addictions are often so severe, the person needs more supervision and support. However, addicts who used heroin or meth have also been successful with outpatient programs.


Outpatient programs can be useful as a sole treatment option or following inpatient treatment. Some addicts don’t feel ready to deal with recovery on their own and the support from these programs can help them start their new life.




The Benefits


The primary benefit of choosing a Louisiana outpatient program is being at home with your family or continuing in your job. You don’t have the extreme change as if you were coming from an inpatient center. You will already be adjusted to a normal routine and will have the help and support of your loved ones around you.


Another benefit is in the price. Many outpatient programs are less expensive than residential treatment centers. For people who must pay for their own treatment, this can mean the difference in getting the help they need.


Once outpatient rehab is completed, the recovering addict can find regular meetings to attend. This will continue to provide the support needed to avoid relapse.


If you are looking for an addiction treatment center or have a family member in need of help, consider outpatient rehab programs in the Louisiana area. While this option isn’t for everyone, the benefits it provides might make it the perfect choice for you or your loved one.