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Partial Hospitalization

Look online or in the Yellow Pages, and you will find numerous substance addiction treatment centers in Louisiana. They are scattered throughout the state, and each one has a unique program. Many of them overlap in the services they provide, but all of them have one goal: to help addicts begin recovery.

One of the basic differences between programs is in their structure. While many people have heard about inpatient and outpatient drug treatment, they may not be aware of partial hospitalization. This program lies somewhere between the other two in terms of style and structure.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

Also referred to as PHP, these programs combine some elements of both inpatient and outpatient programs. It may be called a day/night program. Some recovering addicts turn to a PHP after residential treatment while others use it as a stand-alone treatment. The length of treatment varies based on the program or the patient. It can range from 30 days to 90 days or even longer in some cases.

The person attends intensive treatment during the day in a supervised setting. During this time, they may go through detox or attend therapy in a group or individual setting. Patients will receive drug education and go through relapse prevention.

Once the day’s treatment is over, the person goes to a sober living center to spend the night. The home may be part of the treatment center or an affiliate. In some cases, the person may even return to their own home. They stay here until the next day when they return to treatment again.

Who Benefits from a PHP?

These programs have benefits for many addict. They are often used to continue residential treatment when the person isn’t ready to be completely independent. They can learn how to live on their own and make their own decisions while still under daily care of professional staff.

Another ideal choice for a PHP is the person who needs more support than what they can find in an outpatient program, but doesn’t require 24-hour supervision of a residential center.

People who suffer from a mental health disorder that aren’t dangerous to themselves or others may also do well in a PHP setting. They can attend therapy for both conditions to help reduce the risk of relapse after treatment is finished.

A PHP is not for everyone, but each person must learn about the treatments provided and the details for each center. They can decide if this type of structure will provide the most benefit.

How to Choose a PHP

Just like other treatment centers, a PHP offers a variety of therapies. It often includes counseling and behavioral therapy, group therapy and other types of programs. You may find one program or treatment at a particular Louisiana center and not at another one.

Take the time to ask questions and tour the center to decide if it’s right for you or your family member. Make your decision carefully and based on what is best for you.

For a PHP to work, you must be committed to recovery. If you go home at night, you must also have a strong support network to keep you on the right path without supervision.

Get Professional Treatment

A partial hospitalization program in Louisiana can be the right treatment choice for you. Regardless of what addiction you are battling or how long the battle is going on, you can get the help you need to begin the road to recovery. It’s possible to overcome addiction with the right tools